How to choose a math problem solver

Calculations in math at school and university can take time depending on the complexity of tasks. If you need to calculate algebra, you can use a math solver that will shorten the time for obtaining the result here.


Different calculators

Calculators are categorized according to several criteria. By the scope:

  • Simple.
  • Engineering.
  • Graphic.

A simple calculator is used to calculate basic functions in elementary and middle school grades. It allows to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root, round to a given sign. This type of calculator is distinguished by the small size of the case and input screen, the ability to work from batteries or solar energy.

An engineering calculator is a more sophisticated tool that allows to solve math in high school or university. Its functions include exponentiation, calculation of logarithms, obtaining a result by trigonometric functions, translation of values from one quantity to another, for example, from minutes to degrees and vice versa. This calculator has a multi-line screen and a large body on which a significant number of buttons are located. Nutrition the device is carried out by using batteries, rarely from the mains.

Graphic calculators are more advanced than engineering. They are distinguished by the presence of a large black and white or color screen. This type of calculator allows you not only to carry out calculations, write programs, but also display the results in the form of a visual graph. To some extent, they represent personal computer in a compact case.

Modern smartphones have a built-in calculator, which can have a simple device mode, and also engineering. If necessary, you can download additional programs for expansion functional, they are free and commercial. The positive side of using a calculator on a smartphone: there is no need to use another device besides the phone. Negative - a waste of smartphone battery resources and additional costs.

When choosing a calculator for study, you need to decide for what purpose it will be used. Next is to determine the budget of the device, since the increase in functions leads to an increase in the price.

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