Public offer

Public offer


1.1. All services on the website are carried out through the Personal Account user (Customer). To receive (provide) services, it is necessary for the user (Customer) to read the Registration Terms on the website and confirm your consent with them by registering on the site

1.2. Registration is carried out independently on the site by Indication of your credentials in accordance with these Terms. After registering the user (Customer) automatically draws up a Personal Account for him.

1.3. User (Customer) is identified on the site by login and password that were specified by him during registration (data for authorization on the site). Registration on the site is free.

1.4. The User (Customer) is responsible for the confidentiality of his data. Login and Password and undertake to take all possible measures to exclude unauthorized third party access to information obtained through the System. For any actions of third parties, performed with your consent, you are responsible as for your own actions. In case of loss or disclosure to third parties of his data for authorization is obliged notify the Site Administrator immediately so that this data is locked. Login and password blocking is carried out by the Site Administrator in accordance with these Terms. If the user (Customer) did not inform the Administrator that his identity was stolen or made known to third parties, bears all risks for actions committed by third parties using this data and are not entitled to make claims the site and the Administrator for providing access when entering these data (login and password).

1.5. The User (Customer) has the right at any time to change his password in accordance with terms of this site. For registration, the user (Customer) must fill out a form containing the following data:  Login (email address);  Personal data (Name);  Authentication data (password); After specifying all the data indicated above, wait until the verification of the entered data is completed (this may take a few minutes), you will need to confirm the contact details using the activation links that were sent to the email address. If you have not received an email with an activation link within 30 minutes, go through the registration process repeatedly or contact the Site Administrator by sending a letter to the email address, indicated in the "contacts" section with the subject line of the message "error during registration" and describe what happened a problem. After performing all the above actions, the user (Customer) gets access to Personal account in the system

1.6. After registration and authorization of data (login and password) User (Customer) Gets access to the Personal Account for the possibility of using the Services

1.7. For all questions regarding the services offered, the Customer can contact the Site Administrator by sending a letter to the email address indicated in the section "contacts"


2.1. Rights and obligations of the site moderator

Site Administrator agrees:

2.1.1. Notify the Customer about changes occurring on the site that may affect the process provision of Services.

2.1.2. Advise the Customer on any issues related to the provision of the Services.

2.1.3. Ensure the confidentiality of the Customer's registration data. The site administrator has the right to disclose the credentials of the Customer only to competent state authorities in cases stipulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

2.1.4. Troubleshoot your site as soon as possible.

2.1.5. The site administrator guarantees that the information transmitted to him by the Customer, including Customer’s personal data will be used solely for the purpose of fulfilling this Agreement.

The site administrator has the right:

2.1.6. For complete or partial interruption of the provision of the Services associated with the conduct of technical or other work caused by the need to maintain the site.

2.1.7. Send electronic notifications and complaints to the Customer in case of violation of the terms of this Agreement.

2.1.8. Block the Customer's Account in cases and in the manner provided for by this Agreement.

2.2. Rights and obligations of the Customer:

Customer agrees:

2.2.1. Notify the Site Administrator of any technical problems or violations on website

2.2.2. Comply with the terms of this Agreement

The customer has the right:

2.2.3. Seek advice from the Site Administrator on issues related to the provision of Services under this Agreement or on technical issues.

2.2.4. Submit complaints and complaints to the Administrator by e-mail.


3.1. For failure to fulfill or improper performance of obligations under this Agreement, the Parties shall liability stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation subject to conditions,                 established by this Agreement.

3.2. The site administrator is not responsible to the Customer for any delays or interruptions communications, damage or loss occurring directly or indirectly due to force majeure, as well as reasons beyond the reasonable control of the Site Administrator.

3.3. The site administrator is not responsible for the content received and stored by the Customer information.

3.4. The site administrator is not responsible for violations or illegal actions committed by the Customer when using the Services provided by the Site Administrator.

3.5. The site administrator is not responsible for the quality of public communication channels, through which access to the Services is provided.

3.6. The site administrator is not responsible for non-compliance with the clauses of this Agreement By the Customer, as well as for violation of this Agreement by persons using a username and password Customer.

3.7. The customer is responsible for any use of his credentials by third parties (lawful or unlawful), which entailed harm / damage to the Administrator site (including the loss of its business reputation), and indemnifies.

3.8. The customer is responsible for the safety of his username and password and for losses that may arise due to its unauthorized use. Upon theft of login and password, occurred due to the fault of third parties, the Customer is entitled to send a letter to the Site Administrator with a request to change the username and password.

3.9. The customer assumes full responsibility and risks associated with the use of the network Internet.

3.10. On all issues unresolved by this offer, as well as in the resolution of disputes arising in the process of its implementation, the Parties are guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


4.1. In case of non-compliance with the terms of this Agreement by the Customer, the Site Administrator has the right to blocking the Customer’s Login with a mandatory email notification about the fact of blocking.


4.2. Login blocking means the inability of the Customer’s access to the Personal Account and the impossibility use of the Services within the framework of the corresponding Login.

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