What to do if math is difficult for a child

Unfortunately, some children find it difficult to learn math. They spend half a day to calculate algebra that their peers can cope with in a few minutes. This situation usually causes strong feelings for the parents of an unintelligent student.

How to behave as a parent

Even if you gave up on the fact that the child is not given mathematics, and resigned to the fact that he will not great scientists, you will still not be able to avoid studying it within the school curriculum. This is very important subject, even humanities should understand mathematics, since it develops a systemic thinking.

If your child has problems with math, in no case should he be accused of being not trying and messing around. Parents' job is to relieve emotional stress school student related to mathematics. Don't make your child dwell on failures and mistakes. Encourage him and tell him that if something fails at this stage, it can be fixed.

No need to force the student to cram the rules. The child will be able to cope with the study of mathematics only when they realize its integrity and consistency. Try to lead the child to independent solution of the problem, explaining in a language accessible to him those nuances that he does not understand. If you do not have enough time, mental strength and opportunities to deal with the child on your own, then find a good tutor for him.

There is no need to set a goal for the student to receive only high marks. The marks are not the main thing. Much it is more important that the child has no fear of mathematics. Our resource can also help in its study. FROM him a student will quickly and easily cope with solving math problems , examples and tasks, will receive an explanation of actions in an accessible form. As a result, he will quickly learn to cope with doing math homework on your own and no longer needing parental help.

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