Do the results of the OGE and USE affect the assessment in the certificate?

The Unified State Exam in Mathematics is one of the required exams that every graduate will have to face for obtaining a certificate and continuing education in secondary and higher educational institutions. To obtain a good mark in the certificate, you need to demonstrate a high level of proficiency in basic subject knowledge, and also be able to solve math problems from the field of school mathematics. For for ninth-graders, the final exam takes place in the form of the OGE. In terms of its form and content, it is largely is similar to the exam, so they are often confused with each other. It will be useful for high school students and their parents to learn how the results of both of these exams will affect the certificate.

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It is worth starting a conversation with the OGE, which is taken by schoolchildren in the ninth grade. Along with the Russian language, mathematics is on the list of required exams. The results of the OGE are reflected in the certificate of incomplete secondary education. However, only partially. In addition to the points obtained on the exam, with Grading also takes into account classroom performance throughout the year. Others in words, the ninth-grader's certificate reflects the average score, calculated taking into account the final exam and annual assessment. Moreover, if earlier such an assessment system was applied in relation to only mandatory subjects, then since 2018 it has affected the rest of the subjects that the student takes choice.

With the exam, the situation is different. In the certificate of complete secondary education there is a total assessment that takes into account student work in grades 10 and 11 (that is, the marks received by him for six months and a year). She doesn't depends on the points received on the basis of the exam. If the teacher came up with a final grade "satisfactory", and the graduate passed the basic USE with "excellent", "three" will still go to the certificate, and not a five or even a four.

This does not mean that an eleventh grader does not need to prepare for the USE at all. First, if he does not surrender exam in mathematics, he will not receive a certificate. Secondly, the USE results will be taken into account when admission to the university. To prepare well for the exam, we recommend using our service. Just enter the correct condition of the problem - calculating algebra and equations will be displayed quickly and in detail. So you can check yourself at any time and get rid of gaps in knowledge.

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