What games are there to develop math skills?

Often parents and teachers are faced with the fact that the child has neither the desire nor the ability to study mathematics. Calculating algebra or even the simplest example for it is a whole test. Then a tutor is hired who tries to teach the child math individually, but usually additional lessons on an unloved subject turn into real torture. To make friends with a child "queen of sciences" it is best to use educational games from a young age, during which in an accessible in an unobtrusive way to acquaint him with the basics of mathematics. And then your child will be ready for school do this exact science.

Types of didactic games for the development of mathematical abilities

First, you need to figure out what knowledge of mathematics a child should come to first grade with. From the choice of the game will depend on this. First, the ability to count to 10 and back and recognize all the numbers. Secondly, know the concepts of whole and part. Thirdly, have an understanding of quantitative and ordinal numerals, next and previous. Fourth, know the basic geometric shapes (circle, square, triangle). Fifth, to master spatial thinking: higher-lower, shorter-longer, wider-narrower. Now, based on this information, you can pick up didactic material and divide it into conditional groups:

  • Games with numbers and numbers. You can start with fairy tales and poems, where numbers are mentioned. You can count the number of heroes, compare equal and unequal groups of objects, introduce the concept more less. This also includes games: "What number is gone?", "Color the picture by numbers", "Arrange the required number of objects on cards with numbers", "Confusion", operate with objects, using in speech the words "first", "second", "next", etc. With very young children, you can simply count everything around: cars. steps, flowers. eyes, paws in animals, fingers, etc.
  • Games for understanding the categories of space and time. Help remember the days of the week, seasons and months can poems. You can also designate each day of the week with some color or symbol, placed in a conspicuous place, and do not forget to change it daily. Tell that Monday is the first day of the week, and Saturday is the sixth. The same applies to months. Learn to navigate space will help games with objects: put the doll in front of the ball, put a chair behind the dresser, build pyramid above the house, draw a river wider than this brook. You can arrange a small quest. To find hidden object, you need to follow the instructions: walk 4 steps to the left of the sofa, then go around the table behind, walk three steps straight, look under the chair.
  • Games with geometric shapes. "Find all the triangles in the room", "Color all the circles in red color, and the squares - blue "," Feed the bear cub with round cookies, and the bunny with triangular "," Color only big circles, or only small triangles. "

Regularly devoting very little time to math games with your child will form his interest in exact sciences. And then it will be easier for him and solving math, and problems in geometry.

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