The connection between mathematics and chemistry

Back in the 18th century, famous scientists Gauss and Avogadro argued strongly about which disciplines can be considered truly scientific. The first argued that since exact laws exist exclusively in mathematics, then chemistry can not be considered a science categorically. Then Avogadro burned two liters of hydrogen in one liter of oxygen, resulting in the formation of 2 liters of water vapor, saying that how mathematics can explain the fact that 2 + 1 is equal to 2? Today nobody doubts that algebra and geometry very closely connected with all exact scientific disciplines, including chemistry. Well, solve math task , even the most difficult one, today can be very simple, using the possibilities of the Internet.

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Relationship Examples

  • The number of molecules in atoms cannot be negative - it is always positive. So, you can take the equation "12x + y = 16". In mathematics, it uniquely describes a straight line located on plane, and can have an infinite number of solutions, including those with integers. For chemist "12x + y = 16" is the molecular weight of the methane hydrocarbon (CH4). Accordingly, for such the equation will have one solution for which x is equal to one, and the game is four. Interrelation of disciplines here is obvious, although the number of solutions to this equation in mathematics is incomparably greater.
  • As you know, chemistry also studies the properties of various substances, depending on the conditions, in which they are (concentration, pressure, temperature, and so on). Accordingly, scientists it is necessary to investigate the functions of one or several variables at once, and one of the main ways of its study is a detailed analysis of its derivative by compiling and solving differential equations. Most often, this method is used precisely in kinetics - a branch of science that studies the mechanisms and the reaction rates of chemicals. It is clear that in mathematics the differential equations are used extremely widely.

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