Why is geometry difficult for a student

While studying mathematics at school, children not only get acquainted with the basics of algebra, but also geometry. Understanding the features of spatial structures is important for life, but the student does not always easily understand this information. Our service can help in calculating algebra. It is enough to enter the conditions in the field and the solution text is displayed.

Reasons for failure

Children may not master geometry due to lack of time. This is not a separate item, so it are considered together with algebra and there are few hours left for lessons. The teacher only has time to make out theorem, but there is no room for practical training. As a result, the class, instead of slowly dealing with topic, begins to study a new area of ​​geometry.

Long summer holidays lead to the fact that the child forgets even the little information that was he knows. Even if the parents hire a tutor, he will not come more often 1-2 times a week.

There is no consensus among teachers about the quality of the material presented in the textbooks. Someone thinks it is insufficient for a detailed study of the subject. It is important that in the classroom, children learn to prove theorems - without this they will not have an understanding of geometry.

Science is very demanding on logic, without understanding the mechanisms of justification, children will not be able to explain any one theorem. Therefore, they must train and respond for a long time.

Another reason why the student does not master geometry is the limited time of the lesson. Someone needs more time to understand the material, less time for others. The main difficulty of geometry is that it costs not to grasp the basic axioms, as the subsequent part of the material will remain incomprehensible.

To solve the problem, you need to build a drawing correctly. Not in the corner of the sheet by hand, but with the help of drawing tools and and maintaining scale. The child does not always understand this and therefore he may experience difficulties in identifying patterns when solving a problem.

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