The most famous female mathematicians

Mathematics originated in antiquity, and many scientists, both male and and female. But if about the theorems of Pythagoras, Euclid and other representatives of the strong half people learn about humanity at school, but not much is known about women mathematicians. However, some of these, solved math problems that other scientists have struggled with for a long time.

What women became famous in mathematics

The first female mathematicians should include Hypatia of Alexandria. She did calculations in astronomy, studied philosophy, and also wrote commentaries on the theory of conic sections of Apollonius Perga and the algebraic works of Diophantus of Alexandria.

Agnesi Maria Gaetana, who grew up in the family of an Italian professor of mathematics, from an early age studied studying philosophy and foreign languages, and at 17 she studied the work of Guillaume L'H├┤pital "On Conical Sections" and wrote comments to it. When she turned 21, she decided to go to a monastery, but this her father prevented, and then the girl came to grips with the study of mathematics. She had significant advances in differential calculus, and also explored the Verzier curve, which was later named after her.

The most famous Russian female mathematician is Sophia Kovalevskaya. She was a student of the famous teacher Strannolyubsky, and later professor of the University of Berlin Karl Weierstrass. Sophia conducted three independent scientific studies on the rotation of a rigid body and became a corresponding member Petersburg Academy of Sciences.

Nina Karlovna Bari is a Soviet woman mathematician who studied set theory and trigonometric series. She was able to become a world-renowned scientist, took part in mathematical international congresses held in Edinburgh and Bologna. If you want to succeed in studying mathematics, our site will help you with this. With its help you can implement algebra calculations and problems of any complexity.

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