How to prepare for admission to a physics and mathematics school

To enter a physics and mathematics school, a child will need to pass an exam, demonstrate the level of their abilities. To prepare for the entrance test, it is better to use all available opportunities - enroll in preparatory courses (if the chosen educational institution conducts them), invite an experienced tutor, practice calculating algebra with the help of our online service.

calculate algebra

Why attend preparatory courses and work with a tutor

Many physics and mathematics schools organize their own preparatory courses as part of the entrance exams. Even if the child has excellent knowledge and skill solve math, equations and other mathematical problems, it makes sense to enroll in the courses of the educational institution in which you plan to study.

Despite the additional workload, such training can play a decisive role in the future, especially in controversial situations. In the classroom, material will be given that is close to the tasks of the entrance tests. The child and parents will be able to assess the existing knowledge base, identify gaps and tighten up in advance them.

You can judge about the need for additional classes with a tutor after the child starts visiting preparatory courses. Identifying knowledge gaps or topics that the student is not at all familiar with due to the nature of the program of the school in which he is currently studying, a tutor is necessary.

Online preparation for the exam in physics and mathematics school

You can fill in knowledge gaps and learn how to solve various math problems quickly and easily with using our service. The student actually gets a virtual teacher, with the help of which he can understand how to solve equations, systems of equations and inequalities of the following types:

  • differential;
  • logarithmic;
  • trigonometric;
  • exponential;
  • rational;
  • irrational;
  • with arbitrary parameters.

In addition, with the help of artificial intelligence, one can learn how to extract integrals, solve problems on geometry, matrices, etc. In order to get a detailed solution, it is necessary to enter into the program the conditions of any mathematical, algebraic or geometric tasks. The algorithm is designed to solve equations and inequalities of any degree of complexity, so it will do students of different grades, studying in any program.

In order to effectively use the service when preparing for exams, it is necessary to determine a range of questions, causing difficulties (you can do it yourself or with a tutor), and then work them out, devoting to this lesson several hours a week. The child will be able to study at any convenient time and at at a suitable pace, without experiencing unnecessary overload and stress.

Our artificial intelligence solves complex math problems in seconds.

We will solve your exam, homework, olympiad problems with detailed steps. You will need just to copy the solution.

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