Famous mathematicians who have received the Fields Prize

Every schoolchild or student who is truly passionate about mathematics dreams of making a discovery. Outstanding achievements in this area of ​​knowledge are rare: for thousands of years the best minds of mankind have worked on it improvement. But real scientists, with their perseverance and talent, open up new horizons, finding application in applied science. Therefore, even the usual calculating algebra , training the mind, in the future can lead to worldwide recognition, expressed Gold Fields Medal.

To whom and for what was the mathematical analogue of the Nobel Prize awarded?

For some reason, the Nobel Prize is not awarded to mathematicians. Its analogue was introduced at the suggestion Canadian scientist John Charles Fields. Since 1936, the gold medal has been awarded to young people (no older forty years) to mathematicians who made a significant contribution to the development of the theory of the "queen of sciences". To the badge of honor attached cash bonus, scati, not very large (in 2006 it was 15 thousand Canadian dollars).

Only six dozen distinguished scientists have been honored with the Fields Prize for the history of this award. IN in particular, the laureates were:

  • Perelman (2006). Grigory Yakovlevich managed to solve the problem over which generations have fought in vain mathematicians. He proved Poincaré's hypothesis, formulated in 1904 and consisting in the assumption homeomorphism of a three-dimensional sphere with a simply connected compact three-dimensional manifold without boundary. Plain example: a balloon can be used to form a body of any shape, but without holes in it. Whole the torus cannot be collapsed. Perelman has not received the award to this day.
  • Okunkov (2006). Andrey Yurievich worked long and hard to identify the connection between the problems of the theory probabilities with methods of numerical geometry. Many great discoveries were made at the junction of different, sometimes distant from each other, areas of science.
  • Villani (2010). The Italian mathematician received an award for explaining a physical phenomenon. He tied kinetic Boltzmann equation with the law of wave attenuation in plasma discovered by L. D. Landau.
  • Witten (1990). The uniqueness of the situation is that for the first time, and so far the only time, the laureate The Fields Prize was not a mathematician, but a physicist. In addition, Edward Witten only formulated, and not proved (this was done later by other scientists) his hypothesis. But this problem statement the mathematical community was recognized as a significant achievement worthy of a gold medal with a profile John Fields.

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