How to use practice tests and demos to prepare for the exam

Passing the final school exam involves testing complete knowledge of the subject. The exam includes tasks of different levels - from easy to very difficult. For example, in mathematics, the student in part C has solve math problem by stereometry.

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Practice tests help you practice a specific topic. For example, orthoepic or lexical norms, spelling NOT and NOR, N and NN in suffixes. Thematic selection of tasks allows you to purposefully work on specific areas and fill knowledge gaps. Training tests also help to strengthen theoretical material.

For example, a student learned the rules for writing a hyphen. A thematic selection of tasks allows you to practice the skill. Such tests can be done at home.

Demonstration versions of the exam in all subjects allow you to clearly see the structure of the exam, the types of tasks. They are fully consistent with what you have to write. Except for one point: jobs are not copied literally.

The demo version of the exam allows you to work out the exam and you can solve it for a while. This is a good workout for to learn how to distribute tasks according to the degree of difficulty.

In order for the preparation for the exam to be effective, you need to solve tests every day. Can be taken as ready-made option, and thematic selections. It all depends on the ultimate goal - to fix the material, repeat the old one information or work on a specific topic.

Another option is a demo version, before which a form is filled out. This is important for practicing skills and remembering what information fits into each line. After completing the filling, you can proceed to solution option. It is advisable to time the time (for each subject a certain number of hours are allocated) - this will help develop the speed of solving problems.

The advantage of training tests and demos is the presence of a key, i.e. answers. This allows you to check and analyze errors. To successfully pass the exam, you need to study every day. The solution to math inequalities can be checked with our calculator.

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