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For example:

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The integral calculator supports the calculation of definite and indefinite integrals (antiderivatives functions), including the integration of functions with multiple variables.

How to solve an integral online with a solution?

Enter the indefinite integral by pressing the ∫ button. Then enter the integrand, after which press the d button and enter the variable over which you want to integrate. Leave empty gray squares.

Enter a definite integral by pressing the ∫ button. Then enter the integrand, after which press the d button. This can be done both on your keyboard and on the keyboard of the site. Enter the variable over which you want to integrate. Next, click on the bottom gray square and enter lower limit, click on the upper gray box and enter an upper limit.

You can go to the gray squares either by clicking on them or using the left and right buttons.

In certain integral equations such a concept as "limit" is used. Limit indicates a segment the function in which the integral is calculated and the result of such an action will be a number. Physical the meaning of such a number is the size of the area under the graph of the corresponding integral function, this operation often used in science, in particular in physics.

Integration is a kind of inverse derivative calculation. If we will calculate the indefinite integral, then as a result we get a function with the added constant c ...

Table of integrals

To find the integral , you need to know the table below:

Table of integrals

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