Who is Henri Poincaré

The phrase that mathematics is the basis of all sciences has become a catchword. But not all people are well versed in it. You can calculate algebra on our site. People owe much of their modern knowledge in this science to Henri Poincaré, the genius French mathematician.

Scientist biography

Poincaré was born in 1854 in the village of Cité-Ducal. His parents paid a lot of attention to Anri's home schooling, so at the age of 8 he entered the lyceum immediately for the 2nd year. Despite the fact that the future scientist suffered from absent-mindedness, he studied well. Poincaré fell in love with mathematics in the 70s, when he first entered the Polytechnic and then the Mining School.

There he defended his doctoral dissertation, which amazed the examiners with depth and sophistication. After that Poincaré begins teaching in Normandy. He wrote the first serious scientific works on automorphic functions at the same time. It attracted attention from leading European mathematicians immediately.

In the 80s Poincare was invited to the University of Paris. He was appointed head of the Department of Mathematics and Physics after several years of work. And a little later, when Poincaré becomes even more famous, he becomes a member of the Academy of Sciences and publishes fundamental works on topology, celestial mechanics, and differential equations. In 1889, Poincaré published a 10-volume "Course in Mathematical Physics".

The scientist received many positive reviews from colleagues. In 1906 he became the head of the Academy of Sciences. Among his main achievements are the creation of topology and a visual model of Lobachevsky's geometry, the development of effective methods of celestial mechanics and the foundations of the theory of relativity, and so on. Poincaré died in 1912 after an unsuccessful operation.

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