The connection between mathematics and chess

Chess is a very ancient game, the exact time of its appearance is still a mystery. According to legend, it was by a man named Sissa, a pupil of an Indian prince. This game keeps its popularity and has a direct connection with mathematics. It helps calculate algebra of different types and promotes the development of logic, attention and memory.

Echoes of mathematics in chess

If you look at the board for this game, you can see that it consists of 64 squares and has 4 axes symmetry. However, the connection between chess and mathematics lies not only in the fact that the board has the correct geometric shape. This game, like any other, has its own laws, and the most important is the so-called rule of the square. It makes it easy enough to predict the result of a particular game, since it allows you to understand whether the king will be able to square of the pawn.

There is an interesting hypothesis that chess evolved from the magic square. He imagines is a table filled with integers. Along the two main diagonals, each column and row, they are all have equal amounts. The principle of placing numbers in magic squares gives them magical power art.

Another mathematical pattern that can be traced in chess is parity and oddness. It is directly related to the move number. As you know, the king at each of them changes not only color, but also the parity of the cell on which it stands. One of the main concepts of mathematics is the system coordinates. It is also used in chess as there are horizontal and vertical lines on the board. The former are designated by Latin letters, and the latter by numbers.

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