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Input Tips:

Watch Training Video, showing how to enter the conditions of the problem.

Click on the button "Enter my task". After that, enter the condition either using your keyboard,                                             or the keyboard on the screen. To add special mathematical constructions(such as integral or fraction)                                             use the keyboard on the page. To navigate the condition you can use the buttons of your keyboard: left,                                             right, up, down, or use the mouse to click on the desired area. If you want to copy the condition or the part of condition,                                             select it (press the shift key and select the desired area with the left or right buttons) and press ctrl + c. To insert into the desired location, press ctrl + v.                                             During copying there proceeds an automatic transformation into mathematical format latex, therefore you can copy the condition                                             to everywhere you want, for example to another input field on this site or notepad on your computer. At a time you can solve only one task.
If you have entered several conditions, they will be treated as a system, for example system of equations or inequalities.
Just enter your expression as a condition and click on the "Solve" button. It is not  needed to put the "=" sign at the end of your expression or perform any other actions.
By default, the variables are x, y, z and the parameters are: a, b, c. If other variables or parameters are specified in your task, click on the "Settings" button, enter your Variables and Parameters separated by comma in the appropriate fields and click on the "OK" button. When solving next task do not forget to return the original version. To do this, simply clear the fields and click the button "OK".
To fill a gray box, move the cursor to it. You can do this either                                              by pressing the <-, -> arrows on the keyboard, or simply click with the mouse into it. Next, enter your data and press the spacebar or the arrow ->.
Enter the initial conditions as usual. Order is not important. For example:
Condition 1: y'=y+x
Condition 2: y(0)=1